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Why Are Today’s Satellite Dishes Smaller?

large satellite dish

You probably remember the satellite dishes that were available several decades ago when the technology first become popular. These dishes were huge and unwieldy. Many households had them sitting in the yard or attached unappealing to the roof. Additionally, these types of satellites frequently experienced service interruptions and had to be moved frequently in order to capture the strongest possible signals. These massive dishes resulted in numerous households switching to cable television.

However, in recent years, satellite television has once again surged in popularity. One of the key reasons behind this is that modern satellite dishes look and function nothing like their predecessors. This has caused the cheap price-point and wide range of channels offered by satellite services to once again appeal to people. Due to the economic issues many families have encountered in the last several years, television service is sometimes a luxury that can no longer be afforded, no matter how much they want it. Cost-effective satellite television service is a great way to accomplish both of these items.

You are probably not sure why satellite service has come so far since it was originally made available to the public. The purpose of the next part of this article is to help you understand why large satellite dishes disappeared and smaller, compact models took their place. You may even come to the conclusion that a sleek, compact satellite dish is the perfect way for your household to receive television service.

1. A major reason that large satellite dishes have disappeared is because signal strength has been improved. When satellite dishes were first introduced, technology did not allow radio signals, which are used to transmit satellite television data, to travel as precisely as they needed to. Because of this, the satellite placed on an individual’s property had to be big enough to capture even those signals that were off-base. Today, however, signal strength has been enhanced dramatically and radio waves are able to be sent to their ideal locations.

2. Satellite dishes themselves have also improved. As mentioned earlier, big satellite dishes were often moved around so they had the ability to capture the best signals. Today’s satellites are able to automatically intercept the best signals. Due to this, dishes are not required to have so much surface area.

3. The fact that they were extremely unattractive has also caused big satellite dishes to become obsolete. Satellite dish manufacturers realized that they would never become popular again if they didn’t improve the appearance of their product. They, therefore, spent time researching and developing compact, sleek dishes that are almost invisible when placed on a roof. This helped lead to the demise of big satellite dishes in the realm of television service.